Risk Monitor.

For professional market players.

Financial Market Risk Monitor for Professional Market Players

Wellguard offers its professional clients a risk monitor function which follows the asset evolution of its clients. The risk monitor function is meant to provide support regarding three investment issues, i.e. asset allocation, bond and equity monitoring.

The Wellguard Asset Allocation Monitor aims at enabling the professional operator like family offices, bank and insurance companies to implement the asset evolution over time in line with the wish of his clients. In this respect, the asset evolution over time is important in order to maintain a long-time relationship with the client.

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The Wellguard Bond Monitor is aiming at the prevention of defaults in bond portfolios. The Bond Monitor is unique as it makes use of daily stock exchange data of traded securities, to serve as an input for assessing default risks. The combination of a wide range of information available and the daily accuracy of it enable the advisor the avoid losses incurred due to defaulting bonds.

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The Wellguard Equity Monitor is aiming at the prevention of significant downward fluctuations in equity portfolios. In this respect, concentration, leverage and liquidity risk are being deeply analysed in order to clearly identify the downward risk. This provides the professional advisor with the capacity to reduce the downward risk in his equity portfolios. A lower downward risk level within the assets over time means a higher final value as well as a more stable relationship with the client.

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