Personal Risk Planning.

An added value for clients

Wellguard offers its clients a comprehensive asset allocation framework. In this respect, a holistic approach is implemented whereby all risk disciplines receive an appropriate weighting. By doing so, a correct synergy between the disciplines is being created, deriving additional value for advising clients.

With the introduction of the Wellguard Private Risk Planner professionals with various backgrounds like Accountants, tax advisors en family offices are also in a position to provide their clients with that holistic advice.

With the help of a holistic framework, Wellguard advises wealthy individuals as well as managers owning at least 5% of the equity capital of the company for the planning of their income and assets as well as the related risks
The Wellguard Private Risk Planner makes it possible to set up an asset planning over a 25 year period. It includes all possible investment instruments which the advisor of a high net-worth individual might be confronted with. All Dutch tax rules are incorporated in the system and updated on a regular basis.

For more information see Wellguard Risk Planning

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