About Us.

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Who We Are

Wellguard originates from the growing need for risk management advice in investment management in recent years. As a result of the subprime mortgage crisis in 2008, mainly because traditional methods fell short, more structured risk management has drawn a great deal of attention amongst professionals in the financial industry.

The partners at Wellguard rely upon years of experience in their field, each partner focussing on different skill-sets in risk management.

The Wellguard concept combines these separate skills into a holistic approach of risk monitoring. Wellguard is a Luxembourg based company which has been operating in the Benelux and Switzerland since 2010. In 2014, Wellguard opened a subsidiary in the Netherlands.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help customers to recognize and manage downside risks in their clients investment portfolios especially in high risk environments. The implementation of Wellguard risk tools will enable a stable accrual of wealth.

We tend to compare the financial industry with the aircraft industry. A disaster in the airline industry is usually followed by thorough analysis, which generates improvements in order to avoid similar accidents.

Wellguard risk tools are developed to limit the extent and impact of a financial crisis on our customer clients assets. Our tools enable them to achieve their clients investment goals.

Our Vision

Our vision originates from the idea that the 2008 credit crisis created a trend shift in the financial world. From the early nineteen-eighties until the credit crisis of 2008, the standard model of deregulation was Anglo-Saxon.

However, since the 2008 credit crisis, regulators have shifted accountability more towards financial institutions. It is Wellguard’s aim to provide these institutions the tools to manage these risks, making them more capable of bearing this accountability.

What Makes Us Different?


Wellguard is an independent organisation and is not a part of a larger financial group, so that objective advice can be provided.

Fixed Prices

Wellguard applies fixed prices, which are not linked to the volume of assets. As such, wealthy clients do not finance unprofitable less wealthy clients.

Unique Network

The independence of Wellguard gives access to a network of professionals that are normally not available for its clients if they follow the beaten paths.


The Wellguard partners have years of experience with servicing our target groups of clients. As such, our clients’ wishes are marked in Wellguard’s DNA.


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